Flavours of South East Asia

It was the first SHHH!! Dining Event in Mexico City. By invite only, 13 guests were selected to join us on a journey to South East Asia - well to discover a few dishes from this region of the world. With lemongrass vodka & lychee cocktails on arrival (recipe thanks to The Cufflink Club), guests mingled before dinner was served. They didn't know what they were going to eat, nor did they know who they were going to meet.....

Our guests sat down to a red and purple themed table setting which was scattered with candles, fresh ginger, chillies, turmeric and limes. While sharing their drinks that they had brought, this is what SHHH!! Diners indulged on;



Tamarind Eggs.

 soft boiled eggs

tamarind & chilli reduction

crispy shallots


Grilled Pork ‘bun cha’ Skewers.

carrot & daikon Salad

sriracha mayonnaise


Grilled Cod with Thai green curry

.lemongrass ketupat

panko aubergine

roasted red peppers


 Coconut Panna Cotta

.basil mango sauce

candied lime


Thank you to everyone that came to this event. We enjoyed meeting some of you for the first time and also seeing old faces.

Thank you to Miguel for all your hard work and also to Queseria De Mi for the loan of some of your equipment!

We look forward to feeding you next time - if you are interested in eating a menu you know nothing about, with a bunch of strangers, in a secret location.....  Sign up here to be on our guest list.