I Remember Sicily

At the end of last month, SHHH!! Dining  held its second event on a balmy evening on a rooftop, somewhere in Mexico City. A small but cosy party of 10 guests arrived, all strangers.. to dine, talk and enjoy the evening.

They took a chance, indulged in the food, the experience and I hope left as satisfied as we were with the night!

Call it a slight obsession or the small amount of Mediterranean blood I insist that is in me...  but last year I fell in love, with Sicily. The food, the people, the weather, the atmosphere.. each little town I visited had its charms that captured me during the time I travelled there and many of those memories remain fresh in my mind.

I wanted my guests to join me... to explore a little bit of what I experienced in Sicily, through the food, the atmosphere, the whole evening.

The menu was as follows....

Guests arrived to an address and were shown to a secret location, they were served Rossinis and nibbled on eggplant caponata, chickpea fritters and arrancini with beef ragu, inspired from Sicilian street food.

As the sun was setting, the candles and lights began to glow and guests sat down to a campari cocktail of peach, soda and rosemary.

An evening of wine, four courses, coffee, biscotti and conversation lasted into the wee hours of the morning..

My wonderful staff of Alicia, Clarissa, Chucho, Miguel and Erik made this event all possible, from the lighting, music, service, photography... I cannot thank you all enough!!

Thank you to all my guests who attended as well...representing France, Italy, Germany, Spain and of course Mexico.

Until the next one... SHHH!!