Desayunos Saludables

Desayunos Saludables was all about eating for health and what is the right way to 'break the fast' at breakfast time. What you want and what is good for your body is possible with some thought and only a little bit of preparation - you can set your body and mind into a healthy tone for the rest of the day.

While most people in Mexico took advantage of the long weekend, Dulcecheeks and partner in crime, Maitreya of Sattvia, decided to embark on a journey. Actually, let's just say it was a little trip

It was no easy feat with bread to be kneaded until the right conistency, jam to be made until it set perefectly and eggs to be poached in a whirlpool of boiling water. Three cooking classes later.. we felt it was a success and to those of you who couldn't make it, don't worry, there is another set of classes in the pipeline. We will keep you posted. That is a promise.

Thank you to all of those who came and saw and cooked.. but most of all laughed with us. We had a lot of fun, enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and we hope to see you again soon!!