Moroccan Style

Dulcecheeks teamed up again with Sattvia and threw in a little Moroccan influence for our vegetarian cooking class.

We stepped into the Ancient World to learn about spices, salt and also discovered that by choosing a variety of colourful fresh foods is an easy step into balanced eating and better nutrition.

Dulcecheeks will be heading on a little assignment, not too far from Mexico to learn about some new cooking techniques and ingredients so we can even add more worldwide fusion into our events.

In the weekend class we touched base on organic foods and how to choose the right foods on a small budget. We enjoyed using The Greencorner veggies, milk and eggs which were lovingly incorporated into our colourful, textured, Moroccan spice inspired food.

From red cabbage salad, to chickpea tagine and courgette bread.... textures and different flavours inspired our senses and satisfied our stomachs!!

Thank you to all of those who came to our last event.

We forever appreciate your support and we love, love, love your company....