Voila!!! A French VEGETARIAN Cooking Class

We really can't believe it has almost been a week since our cooking class... Thank you to everyone that took the time on the weekend to come and learn in our little kitchen - classes are so cosy when we have a full house!  It was so great to see some new faces and as always it's super special to see our regular fans :)

It was a long week and the cooking class pushed us to the limit that week. With school, lots of work, too much study and exercise on top of it all... It was well worth it.

France is know for its' cheese, wine, amazing bread and pastries. BUT!!! That is not all. From the infamous Julia Child defining how to make some of the French classics to Louis Diat, a Frenchman working in The USA, we talked about typical ingredients, the history of one of the best cuisines in the world and we also threw in some information on nutrition.. (hehe BRING ON THE FAT!!)

We would like to thank La Jerseyin Mercado San Juan for their delicious French butter, cheese and cream. They were AMAZING!!! Also, make sure you check out The Green Corner's new shop in Sante Fe!!

Gracias por todo!!! We can't wait for the next one....we'll keep you posted - something tells me we are going to change it up a little bit.