Contra and Food

I report this quite tardy, but none the less. I had just stepped off the plane from Australia, super homesick, was wondering what I was doing in this crazy huge city and was thrown into a catering gig for a short film shooting written and directed by Miguel Muzquiz.

It was a small cast of 20 but I came to realise as I slaved away at the stove and tackled with an extensive shopping list at one of Mexico City's bulk buy supermarkets, that this is what I love to do. Just cook for people and put all that I can into it.


I was constantly topping up snacks, drinks and making sure that everyone had enough to eat through the 2 long days of shooting. The crew worked from 1pm until 6am and then 6am - 3am (all for a good 15minutes)!!

I was actually too involved in my cooking that I didn't actually manage to take enough photos so above are just tid bits of what the menu involved and also a few shots from the set.  (food photos taken by me and set photos taken by the crew)

But, just in case you are interested, the menu was as follows:


DAY 1 ( 1pm - 6am)


Japanese peanuts

Crudites of celery and carrot with tzatziki & houmus

Chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies

Mixed nuts & dried fruit


Thai green chicken curry with white rice

Cinnamon tea cake


Honey ham and cheddar on soft bread rolls


Strong coffee, tea, water and...... Red Bull


DAY 2 (6am-3am)

Morning Snacks

Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins

Fresh Fruit Platters


Spinach and Sweet Potato Baked Quiche

Spicy Beans

Toast and Strawberry Jam


Crudites of celery & carrot with houmus and tzatziki

Chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies

Japanese peanuts

Dried Fruit & Nuts


Minestrone Soup

Fresh soft bread rolls

Raisin Scones with Jam


Strong coffee, tea, water, coke


My role, in the whole scheme of things was minute compared to the work and effort that went into the production of the film.

All I hoped for that the food was tasty and the bellies of this talented group were never empty.

Thank you for this opportunity... xx