A Touch of Cooking in Taiwan

A few weeks back I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Taipei, Taiwan and feed some exclusive clients from DBS.

My Mandarin is terrible, actually, non existent so it was a challenge to head up a kitchen team that spoke little words of English. Lucky I brought my assistant, Zach, who could translate with ease and really had my back at this event. I couldn't have done it without him, or my team.

The menu was designed to enable diners to experience different ingredients and cooking techniques from one of my favourite regions of the world - Latin America. We started with coxinhas, a Brasilian street snack then moved onto an array of dishes reflecting various parts of Latin America. From Cuba, Argentina, Peru and Mexico... I hope I did my best to showcase what amazing food these countries have to offer.

So many lessons were learnt on this work trip - the first of many, I hope. From the setup to working with a team that spoke very little of my language, to working in a hotel to learning about how far I can push myself and how much I still need to learn as a chef and as an individual.

Thank you to W Hotel Taipei, DBS Treasures, Asia Food Channel and all the crew that worked tirelessly on this 2 day event.