We love the whole city, honestly we do.

However when it comes to buying produce, gifts and the like it is important to recognise that little corner store, that family restaurant, the baker who wakes up at 4 in the morning to make a living, that budding entrepreneur with an idea, a passion and needs your support.

From artists to designers to chocolatiers to bakers... we admire your courage, your passion, your drive.

If you have or know of a small business worth mentioning - please drop us a line. We are more than happy to review and write about it.


Mexico City


Kuxtal Chocolates

Reflecting the vibrant colours of Mexico and the flavours of the world. Kuxtal artisan chocolates are made with love and care but most of all, passion. Sourcing only the best ingredients, these chocolates are for all occasions - whether it be pairing them with a fine wine, eating them in front of the TV at home, or giving them as a unique gift to that someone special in your life.

You will find Kuxtul hardworking and dedicated owners at events, art and organic markets - they get around in this big city!

Find out more on their whereabouts here.


Triana Cafe Gourmet

Organic Coffee from Veracruz, available to try or buy!

This cafe is a hub in the middle of San Juan cafe where tourists and local chefs rub shoulders with one another. Pablo, the hardworking owner and barista is always up for a delightful chat over many cups of coffee. Pastries are also available to nibble on while you sip a delicious coffee and even take some organic coffee to enjoy at home.

Mercado San Juan Ernesto Pugibet #21 Local 266-268, 06070, Mexico City


13:21 Productos con Intencion

The owners of this company gave up their high profile jobs to pursue a more simple and natural way of living, to feel better about their food choices and to educate others on how easy it is to have a healthier diet.

13:21 has a large range of delicious natural, chemical free sauces and jams and is a company started by one thought but fueled by hard work, determination and passion.

You can find them around Mexico at a variety of markets and fairs.





Treviso, Formaggio e Pasta 

Two dedicated and beautiful young ladies own this cute little shop in Cholula.

Here you can find cheeses and meats sourced both locally and internationally. Bite into a rich French brie or savour the taste of a fine Italian parmesan. Bread, cookies and cakes are also baked fresh daily - if in Cholula, this is definitely a shop you must visit.

Avenida Hidalgo #308, Colonia Centro 72760

Cholula Puebla

01 222 178 2838