Photo by DGT Portraits

Photo by DGT Portraits

My style is simple and a fusion of many influences from my travels around the world. I like to first focus on the history of a cuisine or dish, explore the traditional techniques and ingredients used, then fuse it with local produce and give it a little bit of me. 

Food is the basis, the necessity of life and each morsel should be enjoyed and savoured. It provides us fuel for our bodies, nutrition, satisfaction, extreme indulgence and an insight to the world’s history and culture. I am fascinated by how we can trace a dish, or more specifically an ingredient back to where it was first cultivated and the historical journey it has endeavored.

No matter what language you speak, food is universal and whether I have been living in Asia, Australia, Europe or Latin America... nothing is as satisfying as cooking a meal for people, sharing stories and walking away with a full stomach, a warmed heart and a handful of new friends.

After living in London, Singapore, Mexico City and Sydney... I have developed a constant thirst for knowing more about the world through what inspires me - people, food, culture and how one can gain so much insight in studying these elements.

On my travels throughout the world, nothing speaks more internationally than food. It breaks down barriers, brings people together and can create some of the best memories that will last a lifetime.


I am Jennifer Lee, a mix of Australian, Chinese and a smudge of Italian descent. I come from a design background but have worked in bars, restaurants, kitchens, bakeries and cafes my whole life. I write about travelling through life, am a passionate baker, chef and a lover of food.

With my design studies completed, I set off to the big smoke - London, to pursue all things fashion. It was there in that big grey, beautiful city where I fell into a job which began my love affair with all things food and I started advancing my skills in various establishments around London.

After returning back to Australia and setting up an organic bakery and catering business in my hometown, I ventured to Asia and set up a cafe in Singapore. I gained experience on my travels through Europe, in particular, Sicily before deciding to head to Mexico for a year. It was in Latin America while working as a baker & restaurant critic where I developed my creative food platform known as SHHH!!

After heading a kitchen the last 3 years serving hearty Latin American food at Vasco in Singapore, I now find great joy working as a private chef, food writer and consultant. 

I am also currently in the process of developing and soon to be launching my label Mizbeth , Asia's first chef wear clothing line made for women.

Catania, Sicily.

Catania, Sicily.