Pork & Fennel Tortellini in tomato beef broth

If you know me, you would know how obsessed I am with all things Sicilian. I guess there are times in our lives when we travel and certain experiences, people and places stick to your memories like glue. I feel that these experiences can define who we are as individuals as they represent a small piece or time in our lives where we felt happiest or completely fulfilled.

Sicily was I place I had always wanted to travel to and I found it to be one of the most magical parts of the world I have ever been. I learned how to discover, explore and laugh out loud again.. for this, it will remain forever etched into my heart.

Sentiments aside, let's talk about food. Sicilian food is some of the best I have ever tried in my life (yes I am being biased - but why not?). It is an amalgamation of Arab, Greek, French and Spanish cultures which makes it so unique and with it being situated in the Mediterranean sea it has an abundance of glorious, wonderful produce.

Tortellini en brodo is actually a northern dish, however I first tried it in Sicily - this recipe is loosely based off a version of the traditional dish I ate in Palermo.

Photo Credits: E.T Studios