Vanilla Risotto

In Asia it is a common thing to have a hot savoury rice porridge for breakfast, also known as congee. With toppings of youtiao (fried Chinese doughnut), spring onions, egg or fish. It’s made with short or long-grain rice and is really a delicious comfort food. However, if you know me and I think you do, I thought I’d explore having a sweet rice for breakfast – and let’s just make it with Aborio.

If you didn’t check my little piece on Italian rice you can check it here (only if you want to!). This dish can be served for breakfast or dessert – whatever you fancy. Top it with whatever fruit you wish, anything that is deliciously fresh and in season. The hibiscus powder adds that extra zing to balance out the warmth of the pineapple and the creaminess of the risotto. Lime zest will also do the trick!

Do let me know how you go with this recipe and what you think!! Do see the note below to make this a vegan dish. Enjoy your breakfast!!



Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 30-40 minutes

Eating time: no time at all


1 tblsp butter

400g Aborio Rice

100g White caster sugar

¼ Vanilla Bean, split in centre, seeds taken out. Bean and seeds put into to risotto

300mls Full cream milk

300mls Cooking cream

450mls water

*For a vegan version you can substitute the milk with oat, rice or almond milk and the cream for coconut cream.


Cook the rice and butter until nicely coated

Have the milk and cream mixed on standby and the water in a separate jug

Add in half the water, sugar and vanilla bean

Mixing constantly on a medium heat, allow rice to absorb liquid then slowly add in the milk cream mixture bit by bit until all is absorbed

The last half of the water is to allow the rice to cook thoroughly.

You want the risotto to be creamy and a little al dente. You can add more cream if you wish.

Top with fruit, herbs, nuts and … stuff.

Here’s what I placed on this one;


I like to have this risotto warm with cold fruit on top. Prepare the pineapples in advance so they are nice and chilled.


Chopped Mint

Toasted Coconut

Hibiscus Powder – dried hibiscus flowers pulverized in a spice mill/blender

Grilled pineapples

Take off the skin and slice the pineapples into 8mm slices. Grill in hot pan either side and allow to cool before storing in the refrigerator.