Monkey Nut Butter

I’m a big fan of peanut butter… not a huge one, just a big one. It has to be creamy, not crunchy and it has to be sticky enough to stay on the roof of your mouth but just enough so you can still tongue it off.

While living here in Singapore, I love an indulgent breakfast of thick toast & peanut butter, or peanut butter and kaya but my favorite pre ride fuel is peanut butter and jam on white bread, of course.

I don’t usually have store bought peanut butter in my house because I’m not a fan of the palm oil, hydrogenated oils, salt, stabilisers and other rubbish they put into commercial brands. One brand I have found in cold storage and fairprice finest is Adams peanut butter. It is all natural, but sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I like to make my own.

A bit about the peanut....

There is no hard evidence on exactly when the peanut came about, however the origins can be traced back to Peru. In archaeological finds, pottery from Peru made by the Moche tribe depicted peanuts in their artwork. This was around 3500 years ago.

Europeans discovered peanuts in Brazil in the 1500's and it wasnt until the 1700's that peanuts made their way to North America.

Peanut butter, or an ancient form of it was invented by the Incas and the Aztec where they actually ground up their peanuts into a paste. The peanut butter patent that we know of today was given to a Canadian, Marcellus Gilmore Edson in 1884.

During the great depression, peanut butter became a staple in American households due to it's high protein content. It was also the soldiers ration in World War II where they topped it with jelly in between sliced white bread - the prefect hold in your hand meal. They called this delicious protein, vitamin B3, E and Magnesium paste monkey butter. Cute, huh?

So there you go and here’s the recipe for my monkey nut butter;


Makes about 300g of gooey sticky peanut butter


250g shelled raw peanuts (I bought about 350g of whole peanuts and shelled them).

2.5 teaspoons of unrefined brown sugar

2tsp fine sea salt

40-45g sunflower oil (preferably cold pressed), depending on how runny you want your peanut butter.


If you are using whole peanuts, pull up a chair, entice an assistant, switch on some music and have an ice cold refreshment nearby as shelling peanuts will take some time!

If you are a are a more sane human being, buy the raw peanuts from the supermarket. Do not buy the roasted and salted ones. In doing this you can control the oil and salt content in your monkey nut butter.

Roast the shelled peanuts in an oven at about 160 degrees Celsius for 15minutes

When the peanuts are done, remove them from the oven and while hot, pour them onto a clean tea towel and rub them to remove the skins

Once the skins are completely removed (okay, a few stray ones were left in the final mix), pop them in a food processor or a baby one like mine and blitz away until the peanuts are ground quite finely. Add the sunflower oil (40g for a thick spread or 45g for a more liquid consistency), sugar and salt

And you're done. Easy as pie, cheap as chips… I’m off to make some bread, I think that should have been done before the monkey nut butter?